Hi, I'm Mercedes Barba

As a former journalist, professional editorial leader, senior video producer, and all-around media expert, I’ve seen businesses go from unknown to known almost instantaneously with a media feature. Having 15 years of experience (and a master's degree to boot), I know this saying to be true: to achieve success in your business, you must be visible.


It's time for your business to
step into the spotlight

I've spent the last 15 years of my career as a journalist serving as senior video producer, senior editor, and editorial lead at large media outlets like Meredith Corporation, Time Inc., NBC Universal, Group Nine Media, Red Ventures, and more… and I’ve been responsible for green lighting headlining stories that push countless businesses into the spotlight. I've sifted through thousands of pitches that hit my inbox and I’ve seen many that either miss the mark or others that came so close.

You have no idea how a few tweaks can turn every pitch into a headline story.

That's why with this knowledge, I’m making it my personal mission to get coverage for hardworking, impact-driven business owners like you.

Because becoming an overnight success is much easier when you get your business in front of the right people.

With me as your publicist, you’ll pass the ropes that keep most small businesses out of the spotlight and get your business in front of your ideal target audiences by leveraging the power of public relations.

I’m ready whenever you are.

Let's Get You Featured

"Mercedes is my media QUEEN! Her quick ideas, sharp pitching skills, and industry experience make her the easy choice for help with publicity."

Kimberly Lucht
Business Coach & Energy Healer for Entrepreneurs
I've Got My Clients Covered (Literally)

Let's Get Your Business the Exposure It Deserves

Whenever you're ready to kick things up for your business and give it the spotlight, I'm all in and super excited to team up with you. Let's dive into this adventure together and unleash the true potential of your brand's visibility.

I want to grow my business!

Let's Clear A Few Media Myths
Standing in Your Way

Number One

“Media coverage is only for big businesses!”

Think your business is too small to land media? Media outlets are constantly in search of fresh, compelling stories, and small businesses often provide unique angles, innovations, or community impacts that make for appealing content. 

Number Two

“PR doesn’t drive sales!”

PR isn’t just about brand visibility. It also influences sales by enhancing the brand's reputation, creating trust, and keeping the business top-of-mind when consumers are ready to make a purchase. And instead of pumping money into ads to build your email list, a single press feature will naturally do the same – all without spending a dime.

Number Three

“Social media has replaced traditional media!”

Absolutely not! Social media is an important marketing tool for businesses to communicate with their audience directly. But media features in reputable publications can lend credibility and reach audiences that social media won’t. 

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