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Kimberly Lucht, Business Coach & Energy Healer for Entrepreneurs

"Mercedes is my media QUEEN! Her quick ideas, sharp pitching skills, and industry experience make her the easy choice for help with publicity."

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I'm so glad you're here. I'm SO excited to help you on your media exposure adventure.


Over the past almost two decades, I've been on a wild ride within the world of media rubbing shoulders with some truly incredible entrepreneurs and business leaders. Over my time as a senior producer, senior editor and editorial leader working at large media outlets like Meredith Corporation, Time Inc., Group Nine Media, Red Ventures, and NBC Universal, about a thousand pitches have found their way into my inbox.


Let's just say, some missed the mark, while others came so close.


But here's a little secret: every single one of them can be published in a major media outlet, they just need a little tweaking.​


I'm making it my personal mission to get media editors to give you a resounding YES in response to your pitch, and get you featured in the media so more clients can learn about you!


Consider me your media partner-in-crime.

- Mercedes

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